Microsoft discontinues support for Desktop versions of Windows XP today

All right I am officially sad that Microsoft has, as of today,discontinued support for Windows XP. It is the last Microsoft OS that I actually liked, as opposed to put up with.  Although it hasn’t been my main OS on any of my machines for more years I fired it up yesterday to investigate an issue for a client.  Just looking at the familiar home screen brought a smile to my face.  With some wistfulness I did my last Windows Update.
There are still millions of XP boxes out there but I don’t feel the deep need to push my luck. There are rumors of hordes of hackers launching zero day attacks against  My current main line Microsoft OS is 7 or 8.1 depending if I am work or home.
After XP things went to hell in Microsoft OS Land. First there was Vista.  My reaction to vista was topurchase a Macbook pro.  Then there was Vista Service Pack 2 which everyone knows as Windows 7.
Now there is the new Vista , otherwise known as Windows 8 or 8.1.  When I install these things on a new box, it takes me about 30 seconds before I install Classic Shell.
I always felt the most productive when I was running XP, almost as good as Linux.  Too bad Microsoft shoves what they think is a better UI down your throat. (Yes I know there are work-arounds, like I am using Classic Shell for Windows 8/8.1. Since I have to work on other people’s systems I try to keep this type of creativity to a minimum.)
Well the new Vista is out and has been for a while.  Perhaps it is time to get a new Macbook.

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