• Systems Administration – Configuring & deployment of computer systems. Troubleshooting, Patch Management, PowerShell, PERL, Shell scripting

  • Windows/OSX/Linux / UNIX Networking – Host based networking, SMB/SIFS/NFS issues, Routing, Firewalls, Security

  • System Integration & Design – Hardware selection, chassis, motherboard, power supply, CPU/GPU, memory, local storage, performance analysis & tuning

  • Security – Firewall configuration, Intrusion detection, Encryption, Volume fingerprinting

  • Storage Architecture & Engineering – SANS (Storage Area Networks), NAS (Network Attached Storage), Clustering File system, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, Infineband

  • Hardware/Software Interface Design – Bare Metal programming, Device drivers, Middleware

  • Systems Integration – Creating an optimal environment for the hardware, applications, system and underlying software to work in harmony & top performance.

  • Software Systems Development – OS configuration and tuning, Embedded programming,

  • Online Connectivity – Establish online presence, security, web, email, SEO (search engine optimization), graphical design