2011-Dave Ruedeman NYC TriathlonDavid J. Ruedeman EE, MSCS

Workflow, for the Engineer, proceeds in a logical and determined manner whether that is in a professional or personal capacity.

With over 30 years of hardware & software experience, David Ruedeman prides  himself in getting the job done. He has rolled up his sleeves and tackled some of the most complex technical problems experienced by his demanding customers in the broadcast & entertainment industries. On-air time is a very precious commodity and David has been the “go-to guy” for such clients as HSN, CNN, NBC and Turner Broadcasting.

On the personal side, although not a natural athlete, David has over the last half decade dedicated himself to overcoming this obstacle. By sheer determination and hard work he became involved in Triathlons.

Using the same intensive dedication he has displayed throughout his professional career, David has painstakingly studied, processed, focused, committed & trained in 3 sports. This determination has allowed him to rise through the ranks in order to compete in the NYC Triathlon.

David Ruedeman brings this dedication and focus to the benefit of all his projects and customers.

David J. Ruedeman resume