Clustering File Systems

I’ve used Stornext on several storage projects when I worked for Chyron.  My customers were Turner Studios, HSN and NBC Olympics. This was a number of years ago using Stornext 4.  Stornext is what is known as a “clustering file … Continue reading

Nvidia Cards and Linux

I must be hard on graphics as this is the 3rd Graphics card I had to install in my main Linux system.  The first card was an obsolete power-hungry GT-295.  I didn’t especially miss it when it went south.  The … Continue reading


Expect is a nice little Unix program. It is meant to automate UNIX commands that never meant to be automated. I used expect to automate a ssh session using username/password rather than a host key.  The “normal” way to automate ssh … Continue reading

Sending Email through Verizon

I use Verizon FIOS as my home ISP.  I like it , it’s very reliable and Verizon is very responsive to my  problems. Recently, when I reply to emails, their server,  won’t send the email. It  rejects it with … Continue reading