Adobe hack update

The breach at Adobe is worse then they initially disclosed. The hacked passwords went from 38 million to 150 million. Adobe “helped” the hackers by not encrypting the passwords properly. Look here … Continue reading


We don’t know why my wife’s website was DDOS attacked. The site is an Artist’s website which appeals to a select group of viewers. Until a few weeks ago this site was attracting about 50 visitors per day. Then we … Continue reading

“You need to buy more!”

That’s what the customer service people at Verio told us we had to do. We went from 50 page views a day to “You are running out of processes, you need to upgrade your plan”. They originally told us that … Continue reading

Shared Servers Vs. VPS

One of the issues for the DDOS attack was that we are on a shared hosting plan. This has the advantage of being Cheap ($). But you are sharing the same server with several others. Old(er) developers among you might … Continue reading

“Now What?!”

“Now What?!” At this point Mary’s web server had been down for over a week. I knew that we had a DDOS attack of some sort but I didn’t know what to do. After looking at this post in the … Continue reading